Author: Ian

  • Online, The Enemy

    “Online church” is not your best life. It’s life-support. It’s better than being totally disconnected, but it’s not as good as being fully connected. We aren’t designed for extended periods away from community. Someone reading this needs to go back to church. If not now, then when? The above was shared by an acquaintance. This […]

  • Moving On and Moving Forward

    “Forget Going Back to the Office—People Are Just Quitting Instead” was posted a few days ago in the Wall Street Journal (14 June 2021). It’s probably my wiring (and focus) to ask, “what will the church do with this? My expectation? Nothing. A few days ago, Rey De Armes was with Jeff Reed on The […]

  • Structure Serves Mission

    Digital isn’t great because it’s the newest shiny toy. Digital works best when it serves its purpose. The purpose of digital church (or the digital expression of it) is the mission. It is a structure. If we cannot rightly divide structure from serving mission, then we are either looking at the structure wrong or the […]

  • Godly Innovation

    Innovation is only worthwhile if it’s of God. Jeff Reed — “Intro to Multi-Modal“, Stadia Innovation March 2021 Meetup. As someone who frequently says (regarding church things), “move fast and break stuff,” Jeff’s words are both encouraging and cautionary. Jeff’s words caused a visceral response in me, too. Unblessed Sameness “Staying in the same place, […]

  • Not “My” Way

    …if [they were] not called to be a pastor they wouldn’t attend any digital service.

  • 167 Hours Remain

    If I’m talking for an hour a week, and they’re feeding their souls with something else 15 hours a week,” Bezner said, “I simply can’t win.” A pastor’s life depends on a coronavirus vaccine. Now he faces skeptics in his church. Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Washington Post. Dec. 11, 2020 (web). One of the reality checks […]

  • Building Delusion

    Has our definition of ministry become so focused on the building that we can’t change lives outside of it? Nona Jones, From Social Media to Social Ministry Noah Jones is concerned that the church is overly focused on the plane. And everything it does , is concerned with building. I think she is correct in […]

  • Church and Kids Ministry Online

    One of the big struggles with the current church online scenario is what to do with kids. Churches are struggling with it. In many ways the problem can be summarized this way… Don’t try to digitize the past or the present. We need to invent the industry of tomorrow. Erik Swedberg The quote is actually […]

  • Denominational Fade-Out or Reformation?

    Shira Ovide’s recent opinion piece in the New York Times, Big Oil faded. Will Big Tech?, she wrote about the former behemoth of Exxon (formerly known as Standard Oil, a so-called Robber Barron company) is now off the stock market due to the (over) valuation of Apple. It has now been replaced by What […]

  • Spacing Out

    We’re all basically in a place right now where we have so many attentional drains, because we don’t have place to focus us. You know, going to a place focuses our effort, because we’re here to do a thing, but when you’re working out of your home, it’s very different. How to Channel Your Attention, […]